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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 11

2 a In the yere an hundredth and thirtie after the flood.

2 b To wit, Nimrod and his companie.

2 c That is, from Armenia where the Arke staied.

4 e They were moued with pride and ambition, thinking to preferre their own glorie to Gods honour.

5 f Meaning, that he declared by effect that he knewe their wicked enterprise: for Gods power is euerie where.

6 g God speaketh this in derision because of their foolish persuasion & enterprise.

6 ! The buylding of Babel was the cause of the confusion of tongues.

7 i By this great plague of the confusion of tongues appeareth Gods horrible judgement against mans pride and vaine glorie.

7 h He speaketh as thogh he toke counsel with his owne wisdome and power: to wit, with the Sonne and holy Gost: signifying the greatnes and certeintie of the punishement.

10 k He returneth to the genealogie of Shem, to come to the historie of Abram, wherein the Church of God is described, which is Moses principal purpose.

27 l He maketh mencion first of Abram, not because he was the first borne, but for the historie, which properly apperteineth vnto him.

31 n Albeit the oracle of God came to Abram, yet the honour is giuen to Terah because he was the father.

31 o Which was a citie of Mesopotamia.

31 ! Abrams departeure from Ur with his father Terah, Sarai & Lot.