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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 10

1 a These generations are here recited partely to declare the maruelous increase in so small a time, and also to set forthe their great forgetfulnes of Gods graces towards their fathers.

1 ! The increase of mankinde by Noah and his sonnes.

2 b Of Madai and Jauan came the Medes and the Grekes.

5 c The Jews so call all countreis which are separated from them by sea, as Grecia, Italie, &c which were giuen to the children of Japheth, of whome came the Gentiles.

6 d Of Cush and Mizraim came the Ethiopians and Egyptians.

9 f His tyrannie came into a prouerbe as hated bothe of God and man, for he passed not to commit crueltie euen in Gods presence.

10 g For there was an other citie in Egypt called also Babel.

10 ! The beginning of cities, contreis and nations.

21 i In his stock the Church was preserued, therfore Moses leaueth of speaking of Japheth and Ham, and intreateth of Shem more at large.

25 l This diuision came by diuersitie of languages, as appeareth {chap.11,9}.