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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 9

1 a God increased them with frute, & declared vnto them his counsel as touching the replenishing of the earth.

1 ! The confirmacion of mariage.

2 b By the vertue of this commandement beastes rage not so muche against man as they wolde, yea and many serve to his vse thereby.

3 c By this permission man may with a good conscience vse the creatures of God for his necessitie.

3 ! Permission of meates.

4 d That is, liuing creatures & the flesh of beastes that are strangled: & hereby all crueltie is forbidden.

5 e That is, I will take vengeance for your blood.

5 / Or, neighbour.

6 g Therefore to kil man is to deface Gods image, and so injurie is not onely done to man but to God.

6 ! The power of the sworde.

6 f Not onely by the magistrate, but oft times God raiseth vp one murtherer to kil another.

9 i The children which are not yet borne, are comprehended in Gods couenant made with their fathers.

9 h To assure you that the worlde shalbe no more destroyed by a flood.

13 k Hereby we se that signes or sacraments oght not to be separate from the worde.

15 l When men shal se my bowe in the heauen, thei shal knowe that I haue not forgotten my couenant with them.

17 m God doeth repeat this the oftener to confirme Noahs faith so muche more.

19 n This declareth what was the vertue of Gods blessing when he said increase and bring forthe, {chap. 1:28}.

21 o This is set before our eies to shewe what an horrible thing dronkennes is.

21 ! Noah is drunken & mocked of his sonne, whome he curseth.

22 p Of whome came the Canaanites that wicked nation, who were also cursed of God.

22 q In derision & contempt of his father.

25 r He pronounceth as a prophet the curse of God against all them that honour not their parents: for Ham and his posteritie were accursed.

27 t He declareth that the Gentiles, which came of Japheth & were separated from the Church, shulde be joyned to the same by the persuasion of Gods Spirit and preaching of the Gospel.

27 / Or, enlarge, or, cause to returne.