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Scottish Psalter: Psalm 27

Psalm 27: The Lord's my light and saving health

A Psalm of David.

Meter: C.M. (8,6,8,6)

1 The Lord’s my light and saving health, who shall make me dismay’d? My life’s strength is the Lord, of whom then shall I be afraid?

2 When as mine enemies and foes, most wicked persons all, To eat my flesh against me rose, they stumbled and did fall.

3 Against me though an host encamp, my heart yet fearless is: Though war against me rise, I will be confident in this.

4 One thing I of the Lord desir’d, and will seek to obtain, That all days of my life I may within God’s house remain;

That I the beauty of the Lord behold may and admire, And that I in his holy place may rev’rently enquire.

5 For he in his pavilion shall me hide in evil days; In secret of his tent me hide, and on a rock me raise.

6 And now, ev’n at this present time, mine head shall lifted be Above all those that are my foes, and round encompass me:

Therefore unto his tabernacle I’ll sacrifices bring Of joyfulness; I’ll sing, yea, I to God will praises sing.

7 O Lord, give ear unto my voice, when I do cry to thee; Upon me also mercy have, and do thou answer me.

8 When thou didst say, Seek ye my face, then unto thee reply Thus did my heart, Above all things thy face, Lord, seek will I.

9 Far from me hide not thou thy face; put not away from thee Thy servant in thy wrath: thou hast an helper been to me.

O God of my salvation, leave me not, nor forsake: 10 Though me my parents both should leave, the Lord will me up take.

11 O Lord, instruct me in thy way, to me a leader be In a plain path, because of those that hatred bear to me.

12 Give me not to mine en’mies’ will; for witnesses that lie Against me risen are, and such as breathe out cruelty.

13 I fainted had, unless that I believed had to see The Lord’s own goodness in the land of them that living be.

14 Wait on the Lord, and be thou strong, and he shall strength afford Unto thine heart; yea, do thou wait, I say, upon the Lord.