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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 37

1 At this also mine heart is astonied, and is mooued out of his place.

2 Heare the sound of his voyce, and the noyse that goeth out of his mouth.

3 He directeth it vnder the whole heauen, and his light vnto the endes of the world.

4 After it a noyse soundeth: hee thundereth with the voyce of his maiestie, and hee will not stay them when his voyce is heard.

5 God thundereth marueilously with his voyce: he worketh great things, which we know not.

6 For he sayth to the snowe, Be thou vpon the earth: likewise to the small rayne and to the great rayne of his power.

7 With the force thereof he shutteth vp euery man, that all men may knowe his worke.

8 Then the beastes go into the denne, and remaine in their places.

9 The whirlewind commeth out of the South, and the colde from the North winde.

10 At the breath of God the frost is giuen, and the breadth of the waters is made narrowe.

11 He maketh also the cloudes to labour, to water the earth, and scattereth the cloude of his light.

12 And it is turned about by his gouernment, that they may doe whatsoeuer he commandeth them vpon the whole worlde:

13 Whether it be for punishment, or for his lande, or of mercie, he causeth it to come.

14 Hearken vnto this, O Iob: stand and consider the wonderous workes of God.

15 Diddest thou knowe when God disposed them? and caused the light of his cloud to shine?

16 Hast thou knowen the varietie of the cloude, and the wonderous workes of him, that is perfite in knowledge?

17 Or howe thy clothes are warme, when he maketh the earth quiet through the South winde?

18 Hast thou stretched out the heaues, which are strong, and as a molten glasse?

19 Tell vs what we shall say vnto him: for we can not dispose our matter because of darknes.

20 Shall it be told him when I speake? or shall man speake when he shalbe destroyed?

21 And nowe men see not the light, which shineth in the cloudes, but the winde passeth and clenseth them.

22 The brightnesse commeth out of the North: the praise thereof is to God, which is terrible.

23 It is the Almightie: we can not finde him out: he is excellent in power and iudgement, and aboundant in iustice: he afflicteth not.

24 Let men therefore feare him: for he will not regarde any that are wise in their owne conceit.