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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 37

1 a At the marueling of the thunder, and lightenings: whereby he declareth that the faithful are liuely touched with the majestie of God, when they beholde his workes.

2 ! Elihu proueth that the vnsearcheable wisdome of God is manifest by his workes.

2 b That is, the thunder, whereby he speaketh to men to waken their dulnes and to bring them to the consideracion of his workes.

4 c Meaning, the raines and thunders.

6 d So that nether smale raine nor great, snowe nor anie thing else cometh without Gods appointment.

7 e By raines & thunders God causeth men to kepe them selues within their houses.

9 f In Ebrew is is called the scatering winde, because it driueth away the cloudes & purgeth the ayre.

11 h Gather the vapours, and moue to & fro to water the earth.

11 ! And the rayne

11 i That is, the cloude that hath lightening in it.

13 k Raine, colde, heat, tempstes and suche like are sent of God, ether to punish man, or to profite the earth, or to declare his fauour toward man, as {Chap. 36,31}

15 l That is, the lightning to breake forthe in the cloudes?

16 m Which is some time changed into raine, or snowe, or haile or suche like.

17 n Why thy clothes shulde kepe thee warme, when the South winde bloweth, rather then when anie other winde bloweth?

19 p That is, our ignorance: signifying that Job was so presumpteous that he wolde controle the workes of God.

20 q Hathe God nede that anie shulde tel him when man murmureth against him?

20 r If God wolde destroye a man, shulde he repine?

21 s The cloude stoppeth the shining of the sunne, that man can not se it til the winde haue chased away the cloude: and if man be not able to atteine to the knowledge of these things how much lesse of Gods judgements?

22 t In Ebrewe, golde: meaning faire wether and cleare as golde.