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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 22

2 May a man be profitable vnto God, as he that is wise, may be profitable to himselfe?

3 Is it any thing vnto the Almightie, that thou art righteous? or is it profitable to him, that thou makest thy wayes vpright?

4 Is it for feare of thee that he will accuse thee? or go with thee into iudgement?

5 Is not thy wickednes great, and thine iniquities innumerable?

6 For thou hast taken the pledge from thy brother for nought, and spoyled the clothes of the naked.

7 To such as were wearie, thou hast not giuen water to drinke, and hast withdrawen bread from the hungrie.

8 But the mightie man had the earth, and he that was in autoritie, dwelt in it.

9 Thou hast cast out widowes emptie, and the armes of the fatherles were broken.

10 Therefore snares are round about thee, and feare shall suddenly trouble thee:

11 Or darkenes that thou shouldest not see, and abundance of waters shall couer thee.

12 Is not God on hie in the heauen? and behold the height of the starres how hie they are.

13 But thou sayest, How should God know? can he iudge through the darke cloude?

14 The cloudes hide him that he can not see, and he walketh in the circle of heauen.

15 Hast thou marked the way of the worlde, wherein wicked men haue walked?

16 Which were cut downe before the time, whose foundation was as a riuer that ouerflowed:

17 Which sayd vnto God, Depart from vs, and asked what the Almightie could do for them.

18 Yet hee filled their houses with good things: but let the counsell of the wicked be farre from me.

19 The righteous shall see them, and shall reioyce, and the innocent shall laugh them to scorne.

20 Surely our substance is hid: but the fire hath deuoured the remnant of them.

21 Therefore acquaint thy selfe, I pray thee, with him, and make peace: thereby thou shalt haue prosperitie.

22 Receiue, I pray thee, the law of his mouth, and lay vp his words in thine heart.

23 If thou returne to the Almightie, thou shalt be buylt vp, and thou shalt put iniquitie farre from thy tabernacle.

24 Thou shalt lay vp golde for dust, and the gold of Ophir, as the flintes of the riuers.

25 Yea, the Almightie shalbe thy defence, and thou shalt haue plentie of siluer.

26 And thou shalt then delite in the Almightie, and lift vp thy face vnto God.

27 Thou shalt make thy praier vnto him, and he shall heare thee, and thou shalt render thy vowes.

28 Thou shalt also decree a thing, and he shall establish it vnto thee, and the light shall shine vpon thy wayes.

29 When others are cast downe, then shalt thou say, I am lifted vp: and God shall saue the humble person.

30 The innocent shall deliuer the yland, and it shalbe preserued by the purenes of thine hands.