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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Job 22

2 ! Eliphaz affirmeth that Job is punished for his sinnes.

2 a Thogh men were juste, yet, God colde haue no profite of this his justice: and therefore when he punisheth him, he hathe no regard to justice, but to his sinne.

6 c Thou hast bene cruel, and without charitie, & woldest do nothing, for the poore, but for thine owne aduantage

8 d When thou wast in power and autoritie, thou didst not justice, but wrong.

9 e Thou hast not onely not shewed pitie, but oppressed them.

12 h That so muche the more by that excellent worke you maiest freare God and reuerence him.

12 g He accuseth Job of impietie & contempt of God, as thogh he wolde say, If thou passe not for men, yet consider the height of Gods manjestie.

13 i He reproueth Job as thogh he denied Gods prouidence, and that he colde not se the things that were done in this worlde.

13 ! And that he denied Gods prouidence.

15 k How God hath punished them from the beginning?

16 l He proueth Gods prouidence by the punishement fo the wicked, whome he taketh away before they can gring their wicked purposes to passe.

18 m He answereth to that, which Job had saide {Chap. 21,7} that the wicked haue profperitie in this worlde: desiring that he might not be partaker of the like.

19 n The just rejoyce at the destruction of the wicked for two causes: first, because God sheweth him self judge of the worlde, & this meanes continueth his honour and glorie: secondly, because God sheweth that he hathe care ouer his in that he punisheth their enemies.

20 o That is, the state and preseruation of the godlie is hid vnder Gods wings.

21 q He exhorteth Job to repentance and to returne to God.

21 ! He exhorteth him to repentance.

29 u God wil deliuer his when the wicked are destroyed rounde about them, as in the flood and in Sodom.

30 x God wil deliuer a whole countrey from peril, euen for the juste mans sake.