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Geneva Bible (1599): Job 16

2 I haue oft times heard such things: miserable comforters are ye all.

3 Shall there be none ende of wordes of winde? or what maketh thee bold so to answere?

4 I could also speake as yee doe: (but woulde God your soule were in my soules stead) I could keepe you company in speaking, and could shake mine head at you,

5 But I woulde strengthen you with my mouth, and the comfort of my lips should asswage your sorowe.

6 Though I speake, my sorow can not be asswaged: though I cease, what release haue I?

7 But now hee maketh mee wearie: O God, thou hast made all my congregation desolate,

8 And hast made me full of wrinkles which is a witnesse thereof, and my leannes ryseth vp in me, testifying the same in my face.

9 His wrath hath torne me, and hee hateth me, and gnasheth vpon mee with his teeth: mine enemie hath sharpened his eyes against me.

10 They haue opened their mouthes vpon me, and smitten me on the cheeke in reproch; they gather themselues together against me.

11 God hath deliuered me to the vniust, and hath made mee to turne out of the way by the hands of the wicked.

12 I was in welth, but he hath brought me to nought: he hath taken me by the necke, and beaten me, and set me as a marke for himselfe.

13 His archers compasse mee rounde about: he cutteth my reines, and doth not spare, and powreth my gall vpon the ground.

14 He hath broken me with one breaking vpon another, and runneth vpon me like a gyant.

15 I haue sowed a sackcloth vpon my skinne, and haue abased mine horne vnto the dust.

16 My face is withered with weeping, and the shadow of death is vpon mine eyes,

17 Though there be no wickednesse in mine hands, and my prayer be pure.

18 O earth, couer not thou my blood, and let my crying finde no place.

19 For lo, now my witnesse is in the heauen, and my record is on hie.

20 My friends speake eloquently against me: but mine eye powreth out teares vnto God.

21 Oh that a man might pleade with God, as man with his neighbour!

22 For the yeeres accounted come, and I shall go the way, whence I shall not returne.