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Geneva Bible (1599): 2 Chronicles 19

1 And Iehoshaphat the King of Iudah returned safe to his house in Ierusalem.

2 And Iehu the sonne of Hanani the Seer went out to meete him, and said to King Iehoshaphat, Wouldest thou helpe the wicked, and loue them that hate the Lord? therefore for this thing the wrath of the Lord is vpon thee.

3 Neuertheles good things are found in thee, because thou hast taken away ye groues out of the land, and hast prepared thine heart to seeke God.

4 So Iehoshaphat dwelt at Ierusalem, and returned and went through the people from Beer-sheba to mount Ephraim, and brought them againe vnto the Lord God of their fathers.

5 And hee set iudges in the lande throughout all the strong cities of Iudah, citie by citie,

6 And said to the iudges, Take heede what ye doe: for yee execute not the iudgements of man, but of the Lord, and he will be with you in the cause and iudgement.

7 Wherefore nowe let the feare of the Lord be vpon you: take heede, and do it: for there is no iniquitie with the Lord our God, neither respect of persons, nor receiuing of reward.

8 Moreouer in Ierusalem did Iehoshaphat set of the Leuites, and of the Priests and of the chiefe of the families of Israel, for the iudgement and cause of the Lord: and they returned to Ierusale.

9 And he charged them, saying, Thus shall yee doe in the feare of the Lord faithfully and with a perfite heart.

10 And in euery cause that shall come to you of your brethren that dwel in their cities, betweene blood and blood, betweene law and precept, statutes and iudgements, ye shall iudge them, and admonish them that they trespasse not against the Lord, that wrath come not vpon you and vpon your brethren. This shall ye do and trespasse not.

11 And behold, Amariah the Priest shalbe the chiefe ouer you in all matters of the Lord, and Zebadiah ye sonne of Ishmael, a ruler of the house of Iudah, shalbe for al the Kings affaires, and the Leuites shalbe officers before you. Bee of courage, and doe it, and the Lord shalbe with the good.