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Geneva Bible (1599): Exodus 36

1 Then wrought Bezaleel, and Aholiab, and all cunning men, to whome the Lord gaue wisedome, and vnderstanding, to knowe howe to worke all maner worke for the seruice of the Sanctuarie, according to all that the Lord had commanded.

2 For Moses had called Bezaleel, and Aholiab, and all the wise hearted men, in whose heartes the Lord had giuen wisedome, euen as many as their hearts encouraged to come vnto that worke to worke it.

3 And they receiued of Moses all the offering which the children of Israel had brought for the worke of the seruice of the Sanctuary, to make it: also they brought still vnto him free giftes euery morning.

4 So all the wise men, that wrought all the holy worke, came euery man from his worke which they wrought,

5 And spake to Moses, saying, The people bring too much, and more then ynough for the vse of the worke, which the Lord hath commanded to be made.

6 Then Moses gaue a commandement, and they caused it to be proclaymed throughout the hoste, saying, Let neither man nor woman prepare any more worke for the oblation of the Sanctuarie. So the people were stayed from offring.

7 For the stuffe they had, was sufficient for all the worke to make it, and too much.

8 All the cunning men therefore among the workemen, made for the Tabernacle ten curtaines of fine twined linnen, and of blewe silke, and purple, and skarlet: Cherubims of broydred worke made they vpon them.

9 The length of one curtaine was twentie and eight cubits, and the breadth of one curtaine foure cubites: and the curtaines were all of one cise.

10 And he coupled fiue curtaines together, and other fiue coupled he together.

11 And he made strings of blewe silke by the edge of one curtaine, in the seluedge of the coupling: likewise he made on the side of the other curtaine in the seluedge in the second coupling.

12 Fiftie strings made he in the one curtaine, and fiftie strings made he in the edge of the other curtaine, which was in the second coupling: the strings were set one against another.

13 After, he made fiftie taches of golde, and coupled the curtaines one to another with the taches: so was it one Tabernacle.

14 Also he made curtaines of goates heare for the couering vpon the Tabernacle: he made them to the nomber of eleuen curtaines.

15 The length of one curtaine had thirtie cubites, and the bredth of one curtaine foure cubites: the eleuen curtaines were of one cise.

16 And hee coupled fiue curtaines by themselues, and sixe curtaines by themselues:

17 Also he made fiftie strings vpon the edge of one curtaine in the seluedge in the coupling, and fiftie strings made hee vpon the edge of the other curtaine in the second coupling.

18 He made also fiftie taches of brasse to couple the couering that it might be one.

19 And he made a couering vpon the pauilion of rams skinnes dyed red, and a couering of badgers skinnes aboue.

20 Likewise he made the boards for the Tabernacle, of Shittim wood to stand vp.

21 The length of a board was ten cubites, and the bredth of one board was a cubite, and an halfe.

22 One board had two tenons, set in order as the feete of a ladder, one against another: thus made he for all the boardes of the Tabernacle.

23 So he made twentie boardes for the South side of the Tabernacle, euen full South.

24 And fourtie sockets of siluer made he vnder the twentie boardes, two sockets vnder one board for his two tenons, and two sockets vnder another board for his two tenons.

25 Also for the other side of the Tabernacle toward the North, he made twentie boards,

26 And their fourtie sockets of siluer, two sockets vnder one board, and two sockets vnder another boarde.

27 Likewise toward the Westside of the Tabernacle he made sixe boardes.

28 And two boardes made he in the corners of the Tabernacle, for either side,

29 And they were ioyned beneath, and likewise were made sure aboue with a ring: thus he did to both in both corners.

30 So there were eight boards and their sixteene sockets of siluer, vnder euery board two sockets.

31 After, he made barres of Shittim wood, fiue for the boards in ye one side of ye Tabernacle,

32 And fiue barres for the boardes in the other side of the Tabernacle, and fiue barres for the boards of the Tabernacle on the side toward the West.

33 And he made the middest barre to shoote through the boards, from the one end to ye other.

34 He ouerlayd also the boards with gold, and made their rings of gold for places for the barres, and couered the barres with golde.

35 Moreouer he made a vaile of blew silke, and purple, and of skarlet, and of fine twined linen: with Cherubims of broydred worke made he it:

36 And made thereunto foure pillars of Shittim, and ouerlayd them with golde: whose hookes were also of golde, and hee cast for them foure sockets of siluer.

37 And he made an hanging for the Tabernacle doore, of blew silke, and purple, and skarlet, and fine twined linnen, and needle worke,

38 And the fiue pillars of it with their hookes, and ouerlayde their chapiters and their filets with golde, but their fiue sockets were of brasse.