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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 36

1 ! The great readines of the people, insomuche that he commanded them to cease.

1 / Ebr. wise in heart.

1 a By the Sanctuarie he meaneth here all the Tabernacle.

5 c A rare example & notable to se the people so ready to serue God with their goods.

8 d Which were litle pictures with wingges in the forme of children.

19 e These two were aboue the couering of goates heere.

19 ! The couerings.

20 f And to beare vp the curtaines of the Tabernacle.

20 ! The boardes.

27 g Or towarde the Sea, which was called Medeterraneun westward from Jerusalem.

35 h Which was betwene the Sanctuarie and the Holiest of all.

35 ! And the vaile.

37 i Which was betwene the court and the Sanctuarie.