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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 129

A song of degrees.

1 FRom my youth, now may Isr’el say,

oft have they me assail’d:

2 They me assail’d oft from my youth,

yet ‘gainst me nought prevail’d.

3 The ploughers plough’d upon my back,

their furrows long they drew:

4 The righteous Lord the wicked’s cords

he did asunder-hew.

5 Let all that Sion hate be sham’d,

and turn’d back together.

6 As grass on house tops, let them be,

which ere it’s grown, doth wither:

7 Whereof that which might fill his hand

the mower doth not find:

nor therewith he his bosom fills

that doth the sheaves up bind.

8 Neither do they that pass by, say,

Jehovah’s blessing be

on you: you in Jehovah’s Name

a blessing wish do we.