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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Psalm 129

1 a The Church now afflicted oght to remember, how her condition thante euer bene such from the beginning: to be molested moste grieuously by the wicked: yet in time it hath euer bene to deliuered.

2 ! He admonisheth the Church to rejoyce thogh it be afflicted.

4 b Because God is righteous he can not but plague his aduersaries, and deliuer his, as oxen out of the plowe.

4 ! For by the righteous Lord it shalbe deliuered.

6 c The enemies that lift them selues most high and as it were approche nere do the sunne, are consumed with the heate of Gods wrath, because they are not grounded in godlie humilitie.

6 ! And the enemies for all their glorious shewe, shal suddenly be destroyed.

8 d That is, the wicked shal perish and none shal passe for them.