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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 125

A song of degrees.

1 THey that do in Jehovah trust

shall as mount Sion be:

which cannot be remov’d, but shall

remain perpetually.

2 Like as the mountains round about

Jerusalem do stay:

so doth the Lord surround his folk,

from henceforth ev’n for aye.

3 For lewd men’s rod on just men’s lot

it shall not resting be:

lest just men should put forth their hand

unto iniquity.

4 To those Jehovah, that be good,

gladness to them impart:

as also unto them that are

upright within their heart.

5 But who turn to their crooked ways,

the Lord shall make them go

with workers of iniquity:

but peace be Isr’el to.