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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 124

A song of degrees. of David.

1 HAd not the Lord been on our side,

may Israel now say,

2 Had not God been for us, when men

did rise against us they:

3 They had then swallow’d us alive,

when their wrath on us burn’d.

4 Then had the waters us o’rewhelm’d,

the stream our soul or’e turn’d.

5 The proud waters then, on our soul

had passed on their way:

6 Blest be the Lord, that to their teeth

did not give us a prey.

7 Our soul, as bird, escaped is

out of the fowlers snare:

the snare asunder broken is,

and we delivered are.

8 The succour which we do enjoy,

is in Jehovah’s Name:

who is the maker of the earth,

and of the heavens frame.