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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 61

To the chief musician upon Neginah, A psalm of David.

1 HEarken o God, unto my cry,

unto my pray’r attend.

2 When my heart is opprest, I’ll cry

to thee from the earth’s end.

Doe thou me lead unto the rock

that higher is then I.

3 For thou my hiding-place, hast been

strong Fort from th’ enemy.

4 Within thy Tabernacle I

for ever will abide,

within the covert of thy wings

I’ll seek myself to hide. Selah.

5 For thou o God, hast heard the vows

that I to thee have past:

their heritage that fear thy name

to me thou given hast.

6 Thou to the days of the Kings life

wilt make addition:

his years as generation,

and generation.

7 Before the face of the strong God

he shall abide for aye:

do thou mercy and truth prepare

that him preserve they may.

8 So then I will unto thy name

sing praise perpetually,

that I the vows which I have made

may pay continually.