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Bay Psalm Book: Psalm 60

To the chief musician upon Shushan-eduth Michtam of David, to teach. when he strove with Aram-naharaim, and with Aram Zobah when Joab returned, and smote of Edom in the valley of salt, twelve thousand.

1 O GOD, thou hast rejected us,

and scattered us abroad:

thou hast displeased been with us,

return to us o God.

2 The land to tremble thou hast caus’d,

thou it asunder brake:

do thou the breaches of it heal,

for it doth moving shake.

3 Thou hast unto thy people shew’d

things that are hard, thou hast

also the cup of trembling

given to them to taste.

4 But unto them that do thee fear,

a Banner to display

thou given hast to be lift up

for thy truths sake. Selah.

5 That those who thy beloved are

delivered may be,

o do thou save with thy right hand,

and answer give to me.

6 God in his holiness hath spoke,

rejoice therein will I,

Shechem I will divide, and meet

of Succoth the valley.

7 To me doth Gilead appertain,

Manasseh mine besides:

Ephraim the strength is of my head,

Judah my laws prescribes.

8 Moab’s my wash-pot, I will cast

over Edom my shoo,

o Palestine, because of me

be thou triumphant too.

9 O who is it that will me lead

to th’ city fortified?

and who is he that will become

into Edom my guide?

10 Is it not thou, o God, who hadst

cast us off heretofore?

and thou o God, who with our hosts

wouldst not go out before?

11 O give to us help from distress

for mans help is but vain:

12 Through God we’ll do great acts, he shall

our foes tread with disdain.