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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Revelation 6

1 ! The lambe openedeth the sixe seales, and manie things follow the opening thereof so that this conteineth a general prophecie to the end of the worlde.

1 a The opening of the seale is the declaration of Gods wil, and the executing of his judgements.

1 b Signifying, that there was marueilous things to come.

2 c The white horse signifieth innocencie, victorie, & felicitie which shulde come by the preaching of the Gospel.

2 d He that rideth on the white horse, is Christ.

4 e Signifying the cruel warres that ensured when the Gospel was refused.

5 g This signifieth an extreme famine, and want of all things.

6 i Which annointed about foure pence halfe pence halfe penie.

6 h The Greke worde signifieth that measure which was ordinarily giuen to seruants for their portion or stint of meate for one day.

8 k Whereby is ment sickenes, plagues, pestilence, & death of man & beast.

8 / Or, the graue.

9 l The continual persecution of the Church noted by the fift seale.

9 m The soules of the Saintes are vnder the altar which is Christ, meaning that they are in his safe custodie in the heauens.

12 n Which signifieth the change of the true doctrine, which is the greatest cause of motions and troubles that come to the worlde.

12 o That is, the brightnes of the Gospel.

12 p The traditions of men.

12 q The Church miserably defaced with idolatrie and afflicted by tyrants.

13 r Doctours & preachers that departe from the trueth.

14 s The kingdome of God is hid, and withdrawen from men, & appeareth not.

16 t Realmes, kingdomes & persones, that did seme to be as stable in the faith as mountaines.

16 u Suche men afterwarde, of what estate soeuer, therby, shalbe desperate, and not able to susteineth the weight of Gods wrath, but shal continually feare his judgement.