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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jude 1

1 a The faithful are sanctified of God the Father in the Sonne by the holie Gost.

3 d That ye shulde kepe it for euer.

4 e He confirmeth their heart against the contemners of religion, and Apostates, shewing that suche men trouble not the Church at all aduentures, but are appointed thereunto by the determinat counsel of God.

5 f Their incredulitie was the fountaine of all their euil.

9 l In {Zacharie 3,2} Christ vnder the name of the Angel rebuiked Satan as knowing that he went about to hinder the Church but here we are admonished not to seke to reuenge our selues by euil speaking, but to referre the thing to God.

9 k It is moste like that this example was writ in some of those bokes of the Scripture which are now lost, {Nomb. 21,4. jos. 10,13. 2 chro 9,29}

11 n For as Core, Dathan and Abirom rose vp and spake against Moses, to do these against them that are in autoritie.

12 o These were general feastes which the faithful kept, partly to protect their brotherlie loue, & partely to relieue the nedie, Tertull in {Apologet chap. 39}

12 p Ether of God, or of his Church.

14 q This saying of Enoch might for the worthines there of haue bene as a commune saying among men of all times, or els haue bene written in some of those bookes which now remaine not: yet by the providence of God, so many are left as are ablet to instruct vs in the faith of Jesus Christ to saluation , {John 20,31}

22 s Some may be wonne with gentlenes, other by sharpenes.

23 t By sharpe reprofes to drawe them out of danger.

23 u He willeth not onely to cut of the euil but to take away all occasions which are as preparatiues, & accessories to the same.