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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Peter 5

1 a By elders he vnderstandeth all them which preache , teache, or minister to the Church.

2 ! The duetie of Pastours is to fede the flocke of Christ, and what rewarde they shal haue if they be diligent.

3 ! Or, which is commit vnto you or, asmuche as to you lyeth.

5 ! He exhorteth yong persones to submit them selues to the elders

8 ! To be sober, and to whatche that they may resist the enemie.

9 b Nothing cometh vnot vs which we se not to apperteine to the rest of Christs members: and therefore we oght not to refuse that condition which is commune to all the Saintes.

13 c Which was a famous citie in Assyria where Peter then was the Apostle of the circumcision.