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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Peter 4

1 a Our sanctificacion standeth in two points, in dying to sinne, & liuing to God.

1 ! He exhorteth men to cease from sinne

2 ! To spende no more time in vice

6 d Althogh the wicked thinketh this Gospel newe, & vexe you that imbrace it: yet, hathe it bene preached to them of time past, which now are dead, to the intent that thei might haue bene condemned, or dead to sinne in the flesh, & also might haue liued to God in the spirit, which two are the effect of the Gospel.

8 c As hate moueth vs to reproche our brother when he offendeth vs: so loue hideth and pardoneth the fautes, which he committeth against vs, thogh they be neuer so manie.

15 ! To beware that no man suffre as an euil doer,

16 ! But as a Christian man, and so not to be ashamed.

18 e As concerning this life where he is punished.