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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Titus 1

1 a That is, to preache the faith, to increase their knowledge, to teache them to liue godly that at length they may obteine eternal life.

2 b Hathe willingly, and of his mere liberalitie promised without fore seing our faith or workes as a cause to moue him to this fre mercie.

3 ! He aduertiseth Titus touching the gouernement of the Church.

4 d In respect of faith which was commune to them bothe, so that hereby they are brethren: but in respect of the ministerie Paul begate him his sonne in faith.

6 e That is, without all infamie whereby his autoritie might be diminished.

7 / Or self willy.

7 ! The ordonance and office of ministers.

8 g Towarde men.

8 / Or, good men.

10 i Which were not onely the Jewes, but also the Hebionites, & Cherinthians heretikes, which taught that the Law must be joyned with Christ.

12 k He calleth epmenides the Philosopher, or Poet, whose verse he here reciteth, a Prophet, because the Cretians so estemed him: & as laetitius writeth, thei sacrificed vnto him as to a God, forasmuche as he had a marueilous gift to vnderstand things to come: which thing Satan by the permission of God hathe opened to the infideles from time to time, but it turneth to their greater condemnacion.

12 ! The nature of the Cretians, and of them which sowe abroade Jewish fables and inuentions of men.