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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Thessalonians 2

2 a As false reuelation, or dreames.

3 e Who as he destroyeth others, so shal he be destroyed him self.

3 d This wicked Antichrist comprehendeth the whole sucession of the persecuters of the Church, & all that abominable kingdome of Satan, whereof some were beares, some lyons, others leopardes, as Daniel describeth them, and is called the man of sinne because he setteth him slef vp against God.

3 c A wonderful departing of the moste parte from the faith.

3 ! He sheweth them that the day of the Lord shal not come, til the departing from the faith come first.

6 f Because the false apostles had persuaded after a sorte the Thessalonians, that the day of the Lord was nere, and so the redemption of the Church; Paul teacheth them to loke for this horrible dissipation before, and therefore rather to prepare them selues to patience, then to rest and quietnes: for as yet there was a let, that is, that the Gospel shulde be preached throughout all, {Mat. 24,14}

7 g To wit, priuely, and is therefore called a mysterie because it is secret.

7 h Which shal stay for a time.

9 k Meaning the whole time that he shal remaine.

9 ! And the kingdome of Antichrist.

10 l Satans power is limited that he can not hurt the elect to their destruction.

13 n The founteine of our election is the loue of God: the sanctification of the Spirit, & belieuing the trueth are testimonies of the same election.

13 o Before the fundacion of the worlde.

13 p And Gospel.

15 ! And therefore he exhorteth them not to be deceiued but to stand stedfast in the things that he hath taught them.

15 r That is, the doctrine, {1 Thes. 2,2. chap 3,6}

15 s That is, by my preaching of the Gospel.