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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Thessalonians 1

3 ! He thanketh God for their faith, loue and patience.

4 a Which procedeth of your faith as a moste notable frute.

5 b The faithful by their afflictions se, as in a cleare glasse the end of Gods just judgement when as they shal reigne with Christ which haue suffered with him, and the wicked shal feele his extreme wrath and vengeance.

9 d As God is euerlasting, so shal their punishment be euerlasting: and as he is moste amightie of power, so shal their punishment be moste sore.

11 ! He praieth for the encrease of the same

11 e The fre beneuolence of Gods good net, comprehendeth his purpose, his predestination and vocation: the worke of faith conteineth our justification, to the which God addeth glorification: and all these he worketh of his mere grace through Christ.

12 ! And sheweth what frute shal come thereof.