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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Thessalonians 5

1 a So muche the more we oght to beware of all dreames & fantasies of men which wearie them selues & others in searching our curiously the time that the Lord shal appeare, alledging for them selues a vaine prophecie, and moste falsely ascribed to Elias that 2000 yere before the Lawe, 2000 vnder the Lawe and 2000 after the Law the worlde shal endure.

1 ! He enformeth them of the day of judgement & comming of the Lord.

6 c Here slepe is taken for contempt of saluation, when men continewe in sinnes and wil not awake to godlines.

6 d And not be ouercome with the cares of the worlde.

10 f Here it is taken onely to dye, & is ment of the faithful.

12 ! And to regard suche as preache Gods worde among them.

12 g As the flocke is bounde to loue the shepherde, so is it his duetie to teache them and exhort them in true religion.

13 h Where this cause ceaseth, that they worke not: the honor also ceaseth, and they must be expelled as wolues out of the flocke.

16 i Haue quiet minde & conscience in Christ which shal make you rejoice in the middes of sorrowes, {Rom. 5, 32. 2 cor. 6,10}

18 k God that hathe giuen his Spirit to his elect, wil neuer suffer it to be quenched, but hathe reueiled by what meanes it may be mainteined, that is, by suche exhortations as these, & by continual increase in godlines.

23 m Then is a man fully sanctified & perfect, when his mindeth thinketh nothing, his soule, that is, his vnderstanding and wil, covet nothing: nether his bodie doeth execute any thing contrary to the wil of God.