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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Thessalonians 4

1 ! He exhorteth them to holiness.

2 b The greke worde signified suche commandements as one receiueth from some man to giue them in his name to others.

3 c That is, that you shoulde dedicate yourselues wholy vnto God.

4 d That is, his bodie which is prophaned by suche filthines.

8 e By these precepts of godlie life it appeareth what were the commandements which Paul gaue vnto them.

11 f And not be idle.

12 h But that ye may be able by your diligence to supplie your want and necessitie.

13 i He doeth not condemne all kinde of sorrow, but that which procedeth of infidelitie.

14 k Or, haue continued constantly in the faith of Christ.

14 l By raising their bodies out of the graue.

15 m Which is in the Name of the Lord, and as he shulde speake him self.

17 n Meaning them which shal be founde a liue.

17 o In this sudden taking vp there shalbe a kinde of mutation of the qualities of our bodies which shalbe as a kinde of death.

17 ! Describing the end of the resurrection.