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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Thessalonians 2

1 ! To the intent they shuld not faitn vnder the crosse.

1 a Not in outwarde shewe and in pompe, but in trauel & in the feare of God.

2 b By his helpe and grace.

7 d He humbled himself to supporte all things without all respect of lucre: euen as the tender mother which nourceth he children, and thinketh no office to vile for her childrens sake.

7 / Or, in autoritie.

10 e For it is not possible to auoide the reproches of the wicked, which euer hate good doings.

15 g And wolde hinder all men frm their saluation.

16 i He meaneth not this of all the Jewes in general: but of certeine of them particularly which ceased not after they ahd put Christ to death, to persecute his worde, and his ministers.

18 ! He excuseth his absence, that he colde not come and open his heart to them.

19 k Therefore I colde not forget you, except I wolde forget my self.