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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Thessalonians 1

1 ! He thanketh God for them that they are so stedfast in faith & good workes.

1 a For there is no Church which is not joyned together in God.

3 b Which declareth it selfe by moste liuelie frutes.

3 c Whereby you declared your selues moste readie and painful to helpe the poore.

5 d The effectual preaching of the Gospel is an euident token of our election.

6 ! And receiue th4e Gospel with suche earnestnes.

6 e To beleue, & to be fully persuaded to haue the gifts of the holie Gost, and joyfully to suffer for Christs sake, are moste certeine signes of our election.

7 / Or, patternes.

9 g For idoles are dead things and onely fained fantasies.