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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Philippians 1

1 a By bishopds here he meaneth them that had charge of the worde & gouerning, as pastours, doctors, elders: by deacons, suche as had charge of the distribution, & of the poore and sicke.

5 c That ye receiued the Gospel.

7 e It was a sure token of their loue, that they did helpe him by all meanes possible, when he was absent, & in prison, euen as if they had bene prisoners with him.

7 f Of this peculiar benefite to suffer for Christs sake.

10 g That you so increase in godlines that not onely ye can put difference betwene good & euil: but also that ye profit more and more with out slipping backe, or standing in a staye.

10 / Or, are excellent.

11 h Righteousnes is the tre, good workes the frute.

13 k that is, in the court or Palais of the Emperour Nero.

13 i Which I susteine for Christs cause.

14 l Or, professe the Gospel, considering my constancie.

18 n Their pretence was to preache Christ, & therefore their doctrine was true: but they were ful of ambition & enuie thinking to deface Paul & preferre them selues.

22 o To liue in the felsh is to liue in this brittel bodie, til we be called to liue euerlastingly: but to liue according to the flesh or to be in the flesh, signifie, to be destitute of the Spirit and to be plonged in the filthie concupiscences of the flesh.

28 p The more that tyrants rage against the Gospel, the more manifestly they declare that thei runne to their owne destruction: and againe constant perseuerance for Christs sake is an euident signe of saluation.

28 q God sheweth by this meanes of bearing the crosse who are his, and who are not.