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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ephesians 6

2 a This is the first commandement of the seconde table and hathe the promes with condition.

3 ! How children shulde behaue them selues towarde their fathers and mothers.

4 c That they be not broght vp in wantonnes, but in the feare of the Lord.

4 b By austeritie.

4 ! Likewise parents towarde their children.

5 d Which haue dominion ouer your bodies, but not ouer the soules.

5 ! Seruants towarde their masters

9 / Or, bothe yours & their masters.

9 e Whether he be seruant or master.

12 f The faithful haue not only to striue against men and them selues, but against Satan the spiritual enemie, who is most dangerous: for he is ouer our heades so that we can not reache him, but he must be resisted by Gods grace.

13 ! An exhortation to the spiritual battel and what weapons the Christians shulde fight with all.

15 h That ye may be ready to suffer all things for the Gospel.

24 k Or to be with our corruption that is, to haue life euerlasting, which is the end of this grace.