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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 13

1 a His first comming was his dwelling among them: his seconde was his first epistle, & now he is ready to come the third time: which thre commings he calleth his thre witnesses.

1 ! He threateneth the obstinate.

4 c In that he humbled him self and toke vpon him the former of a seruant.

4 d Christ as touching the flesh in mans judgement was vile & abject: therefore we that are his members, can not be otherwise estemed: but being crucified, he shewed him self verie God: so thinke, that we whome ye contemne as dead men & castawayes, haue through God suche power to execute against you, that ye may fele sensibly that we liue in Christ.

5 ! And declareth what his power is by their owne testimonie.

7 e In mans judgement who for the most parte rejecteth the best, and approueth the worste.

10 g Commit not by your negligence that, that which is ordeined to saluation, turne to your destruction.

10 ! Also he sheweth what is the effect of this epistle.

11 ! After hauing exhorted them to their duetie, he wisheth them all prosperitie.

12 h Which was according to those countreis in those dayes bothe of the Jewes and of other nations.