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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Corinthians 12

2 a That is, a Christian, or, I speake it in Christ.

4 c Mans infirmitie was not able to declare them, nether were they shewed vnto him for that end.

4 / Or, lawful.

7 d The greke worde signifieth a sharpe piece of wood as a pale, or stake, and also a litle spilde or sharpe thing which pricketh one as he goeth through busshie & thicke places, and entring into the flesh, can not be taken out without cutting of the flesh: and this was the rebelling of the flesh against the spirit, & warned him that Satan was at hand.

10 g He doeth not onely paciently beare his afflictions, but also joyfully, and as one that taketh pleasure therein for Christs sake.

11 ! And layeth the cause of his boasting vpon the Corinthians.

14 ! He sheweth what good wil he beareth them.

14 h For first, he was minded to departe from Ephesus into Macedonia, & so to Corinthus, {1 Cor. 16, 5}. Then when the Lord letted this purpose, he appointed to go straight from Ephesus to Corinthus, {Chap 1,15} which intent being changed, he went to Macedonia, from whence now he appointeth the thirde time to come vnto them.

16 k Thus, said his aduersaries that thogh he toke it not by him self, yet he did it by the meanes of others.

20 ! And promiseth to come vnto them.

21 n There was nothing where at he so muche rejoyced, as when his preaching profited: & therefore he calleth the Thessalonians his glorie & joye: as also nothing did more cast downe his heart as when his labour did no good.