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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 16

5 a The first which consecrate to the Lord by embracing the Gospel.

5 / Or, Asia.

7 b They were grafted in Christ by faith afore I was called and were wel estemed of the Apostles, and of the Churches.

16 c This was a signe of amitie among the Jewes, which he willeth to be holie, that is, that it come from a minde ful of godlie charitie.

17 ! He admonisheth them to beware false brethren and to be circumspect.

18 d These be markes to knowe the false Apostles by.

18 e The worde signifieth him that promiseth muche & performeth nothing, who semeth also to speake for thy profit, but doeth nothing lesse.

20 ! He prayerth for them, and giueth thankes to God.

23 f Corinthus.

25 g Bothe as touching the doctrine of the Gospel, and also the calling of the Gentiles.