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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 15

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2 a To edifie signifieth to do all maner dueties to our neighbour, ether to bring him to Christ, or if he be wonne, that he may growe from faith to faith: so the faithful are called the temple of God wherein he is resident by his holie Spirit: & these faithful are the stones of the newe Jerusalem: that is the vniuersal Church, {Isa 54, reuel. 21} of the which building Christ is the chief corner stone, {Eph 2,20}

2 ! Paul exhorteth them to support & loue one an other by the example of Christ.

3 b I did so beare them, as if they had bene done to me and not to my Father.

5 c Which is the autor of pacience. {1 Cor. 1,10, philip 3,16}

8 e First to gather the Jewes, and then the Gentiles that bothe might be made one flocke.

9 ! And by the onelie mercie of God which is the cause of saluation bothe of the one & the other.

12 g Which is Christ who did spring as a yong budde out of the drye and dead rote.

12 h Then seing he toke bothe the Jewes and Gentiles to his Fathers gloire, they oght by his example to loue together.

14 ! He sheweth his zeale to warde them & the Church.

16 i The minister offreth vp the people to God by the Gospel.

18 k God gaue him suche ample occasions to set forthe his excellent workes that he had done by him, that the Apostle nede not to seke anie other thing to boast vpon.

28 m I shal faithfully leaue it with them, & as it were sealed moste surely.

28 n Almes is the frute of faith and charitie.

29 o His coming shalbe profitable vnto them: for God wil giue him abundant knowledge of Diuine mysteries to communicate vnto them.

31 p He feared lest sclandrous tongues wolde haue made is message ether odious, or lesse acceptable.