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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 6

1 ! Because no man shulde glorie in the flesh, but rather seke to subdue it to the Spirit.

2 a He dyeth to sinne in whome the strength of sinne is broken by the vertue of Christ, and so now liueth to God.

3 b Which is, that growing together with him, we might receiue vertue to kill sinne, and raise vp our new man.

5 ! That regeneration is joyned with justificiation, and therefore exhorteth to godlie life,

5 c The Greke worde meaneth that we growe vp together with Christ, as we se mosse, yuie, misteltowe, or suche like growe vp by a tre and are nourished with the joyse thereof.

5 d If we by his vertue dye to sinne.

10 h And sitteth at the right hand of the Father.

10 g That he might destroy sinne in our flesh.

11 i We may gather that we are dead to sinne, when sinne beginneth to dye in vs: which is by the participation of Christs death, by whome also being quickened we liue to God, that is, to righteousnes.

11 k In that ye are led with the Spirit of God.

12 l The minde first ministereth euil motions, whereby mans wil is entised: thence burst forthe the lustes by them the bodie is prouoked, and the bodie by his actions doeth solicitie the minde: therefore he commandeth, at the least that we rule our bodies.

14 n Indewed with the Spirit of Christ.

16 o Shewing that none can be just which doeth not obey God.

18 q It is a most vile thing for him that is deliuered from the sclauerie of sinne, to return againe to the same.

19 r Leauing to speak of heauenlie things, according to your capacitie, I vse these similitudes of seruitude & fredome, that ye might the better vnderstand.

21 ! Setting before mens eyes the rewarde of sinne and righteousnes.

23 t Sinne is compared to a tyrant which reigneth by force, who giueth death as an allowance to them that were preferred by the Lawe.