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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Romans 5

1 a By peace here is ment that incredible and moste constant joye of minde when we are deliuered from all terror of conscience, & fully persuaded of the fauour of God: and this peace is the frute of fatih.

1 ! He declareth the frute of faith.

5 c He meaneth that loue wherewith God loueth vs.

7 ! And by comparison setteth forthe the loue of God and obedience of Christ, which is the fundacion and grounde of the same.

7 d By this comparison he amplifieth the death of Christ.

7 e That is, for suche one of whome he hathe receiued good.

10 f Because of sinne: yet friendes by the grace of Christ.

14 h He meaneth yong babes, which nether had the knowledge of the Law of nature, nor any motion of concupiscence, much lesse committed any actual sinnes: & this may also comprehand the Gentiles.

14 i Yet all mankinde, as it were sinned when thei were as yet inclosed in Adames loynes.

14 k Which was Christ.

16 l For by Christ we are not onely deliuered from the sinnes of Adam, but also from all suche as we haue added thereunto.

17 m The justice of Jesus Christ which is imputed to the faithful.

20 p That it might be more manifestly knowen & set before all mens eyes.