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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 24

3 a For Felix by his diligence had taken Eleazarus the captaine of the murtherers, & put the Egyptian to flight which raised vp tumultes in Judea: for these the orator praiseth him: otherwise he was bothe cruel & couetous, read Joseph li. 20 Antiq. chap 11 & 12. & li. 2 de bello Judaico chap 12.

5 b Or herisie: for so the wicked termed the true Christian religion.

5 c Which taught the people to mainteane their libertie against the Romaines: and thogh the accusers approiued bothe this secte and their doctrine, yet to get Paul punished, thei seme to condemne it.

10 d Or, gouerner: for before this he ruled Trachonites, Batanea, and Gaulanites.

10 e So that thou are not ignorant of their facions.

10 ! Paul being accused, answerth for his life and doctrine against his accusers.

11 f Not that his purpose was to worship there, but the Jewes so founde him by the counsel of others for he thoght to haue wonne the simple brethren, and to stop the enemies mouthes.

14 g As the Scribes and Pharises termed the Christians doctrine.

17 h Meaning, that it was a long time since he had bene at Jerusalem, which was when he broght almes.

20 i For his accusers spake but vpon a false reprote, which these belowes of Satan had blowen a broad, and durst not them selues appeare.

25 ! Felix gropeth him, thinking to haue a bribe,

25 k By whose counsel Felix called for Paul.

26 l The worde of God maketh the verie wicked astonished, and therefore to them it is the sauour of death vnto death.

28 / Or, to do a pleasure.