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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Acts 23

2 ! The answer of Paul being smit, and the ouerthrowe of his enemies.

3 a Paul doeth not curse the hie Priest, but denounceth sharpely the punishment of God which shulde light vpon him, who vnder pretence of mainteining the Lawe doeth transgresse it.

5 b He made this excuse as it were in mockerie, as if he wolde say, I knowe nothing in this man worthie the office of the hie Priest.

6 c He denieth not but there were other points, but he expresseth that for the which the Sadduces that were the chief gouerners, hated him moste for.

8 d Vnderstanding both kindes, the Angels & the spirits, which he concludeth vnder one, & the resurrection which is the other parte.

12 e The worde signifieth cursing, as when a man either sweareth, voweth or wisheth him self to die, or to be giuen to the deuil, except he bring his purpose to passe.

16 f This declareth that God hathe so many meanes to deliuer his children out of danger as there are creatures in the worlde, so that the aduersaries can not conspire so craftely against them, but he hathe infinite meanes to defeat their wicked practises.

22 / Greke, that thou hast shewed these things to me.

23 ! And because the Jewes layed waite for him, he is sent to Cesarea.

25 g This letter was writ partely in the fauour of Paul, that his aduersaries might not oppresse him.

27 h The Captaine dissembleth to commend his owne diligence: for he did not knowe that Paul was a Romain before he had rescued him, & giuen him to be straictly examined.

34 i By this name the Romaines called eueri countrey which they had subdued.