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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 1

1 ! The diuinitie, humanitie, & office of Jesus Christ.

1 / Or, before the beginning.

1 a Christ is God before all time.

2 b The Sonne is of the same substance with the Father.

4 d Whereby all things are quiekened and preserued.

4 e The life of man is more excellent then of any other creature, because it is joyned with light and vnderstanding.

5 f Mans minde is ful of darkenes because of the corruption thereof.

10 g Because they did not worship him as their God, {Ro. 1,21 act. 14:15}

11 h To the Israelites who were his peculiar people.

14 k He was formed and made man by the operation of the holie Gost without the operation of man.

14 / Or, proceding from the Father.

15 / Or, more excellent then I.

18 m Meaning he is moste deare, and straictly joyned to his father, not onely in loue, but also in nature and vnion.

18 n And so God that before was inuisible, was made, as it were, visible in Christ.

21 o Whome thei loked for to be suche one as Moses was, {Deut. 18,15}

29 p Signifing the original sinne, which is the fountaine of all sinnes & there with all other sinnes.

31 q That is, by sight, but onely by the reuelation of God.

33 r Who giueth the vertue and effect to baptisme, accomplishing that thing which is thereby represented.

36 f He alludeth to the Paschal lambe, which was a figure of Christ.

38 t Or where is thy lodging? or whither goest thou? For he dwelled in Nazaret, and was there as a stranger.

39 u That was, two houres before night.

40 x How John said, that Jesus was the lambe of God.

46 y Those things which are contemptible to the worlde, are estemed and preferred of God: and those things which the worlde preferreth, God abhorreth.

51 z Christ openeth the heauens, that we may haue accesse to God, and maketh vs felowes to the Angels.