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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): John 2

6 a Who vsed continual washings to purifie them selues. Which superstition Hebion the heretike wolde haue broght into the Church and now the Papistes haue receiued it.

6 / Or, measures.

14 ! He driueth the byers, and sellers out of the Temple.

17 c This affection was so burning in him, that it surmounted and swallowed vp all the others.

21 d Christs bodie might justly be called the temple, because the fulnes of the God head dwelleth in it corporally, {Colo. 2,9}

24 e For he toke not them for true disciples, as he knewe by their inwarde thoghtes, what religion soeuer they did pretende outwardely.