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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Luke 13

1 a He murthered them as they were sacrificing: & so their blood was mingled with the blood of the beastes which were sacrificed.

1 ! The crueltie of Pilate.

2 b For the Jewes toke occasion hereby to condemne them as moste wicked men.

2 ! We oght not to condemne all to be wicked men which suffre.

3 c He warneth them rather to consider their owne estate, them to reproue other mens.

3 ! Christ exhorteth to repentance.

4 d Which towre stode by the riuer Siloe or fishpoole in Jerusalem.

7 e By this similitude is declared the great patience that God vseth toward sinners in loking for their amendement: but this delay auaileth them nothing, when they stil remaine in their corruption.

7 f We se our state, if we bring not forthe frute.

7 g For bothe it is vnfruteful it self, and doeth hurt to the ground where it groweth.

11 ! He healeth the croked woman.

11 h Whome Satan had stroken with a disease, as the spirit of couetousnes is that spirit, that maketh a man couetous.

18 ! By diuers similitudes he declareth what the kingdome of God is.

18 k By these similtudes he sheweth the increase, whereby God augmenteth his kingdome, contrarie to all mens opinions.

23 ! Also that the nomber of them which shal be saued, is smale.

24 l We must endeuour & cut of all impediments, which may let vs.

26 m He warneth the Jewes, that they depriue not them selues by their own negligence or that saluation, which was offred vnto them.

30 o Christ cutteth of the vaine confidence of the Jewes who glorified in that, that God had chosen them for his people: yet they obeied him not according to his worde.

32 p Nether the enuie of the Pharises, who wolde haue put him in feare of He rode, nor yet anie policie of man colde stay him from that office which God had enjoyned him.

32 q Meaning a litle while.

32 r By Christs death we are made perfite for euer.

32 / Or, make an end.

33 s He noteth their malice which by all meanes soght his death more then did the tyrant, of whome they willed him to beware.

33 ! Finally he sheweth that no worldelie policie or force can let the worke and counsel of God.

35 t Christ fore warneth them of the destruction of the Temple, and of their whole policie.

35 u When your owne conscience shal reproue you and cause you to confesse that which ye nowe denie, which shal be when you shal se me in my majestie.