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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 18

1 a They striue for the rewarde before they haue thaken any payne: and where as they shulde haue holpen & reuerenced one another, they were ambitious and despicers of their brethren.

3 ! He teacheth his disciple to be humble and harmles,

3 b Not in lacke of discretion, but that they be not vayne glorious, seking to aduance them selues to worldelie honours.

5 c He calleth them litle children now, which humble them selues with all humilitie and subjection.

6 d The worde signifieth a great milstone which an asse tourneth, and it is spoken in respect of that which is tourned with mans hand, which is lesse.

6 ! To auoide occasions of euil,

7 e Christ warneth his to take heed that they shrinke not backe from him for any euil example or offence that man can giue.

10 f Christ toucheth the cause of this offence, which is pride and disdey ne of our inferiours.

10 g Seing God hathe commanded his Angels to take the charge of his children, the wicked may be assured that if they despice them, God wil reuenge their cause.

10 ! Not to contemne the litle-ones.

11 h We may not lose by our offence that which God hathe so derely boght.

15 i Wherewith thou maist be offended: he speaketh of secret or particular sinnes, & not of open or knowen to others.

15 / Or, reproue him.

17 k He meaneth according to the order that was amongs the Jewes, who had their councel of ancient and expert men to reforme maners, and execute discipline. This assemblie represented the Church, which had appointed them to this charge.

18 l In the 16 chap. 19 he ment this of doctrine, and here of ecclesiastical discipline, which dependeth of the doctrine.

19 ! The comendacion of prayer and godlie assemblies.

22 m We muste be continually ready to forgiue and be forgiuen.

24 n A commune talent was valued at thre score pounde: some also were greater and some lesse.

28 o Which amounteth of our money to the summe of 25 shillings, or verie nere, and was nothing in respect of the former which his master for gaue him.

35 p God estemeth onely the heart and affection.