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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 17

2 a Christ shewed them his glorie, that they might not think that he suffred throught infirmitie: but that he offered vp him self willingly to dye.

2 ! The transgression of Christ vpon the mountaine of Thabor.

3 b By these two witnesses are represented the Lawe and the Prophetes, which lead vs to Christ.

4 c After Moses & Elias departure Peter fearing he shulde lose that joyful sight, speaketh as a man distracted & wolde haue lodged them in earthlie houses, which were receiued in gloire.

5 e Christ is our chief and onelie scholemaster.

5 d We are reconciled to God by Christ onely.

9 g For men wolde not haue belieued them, before that Christ had made his glorie more manifest by his resurrection.

17 h He speaketh chiefly to the Scribes, who began to bragge, as if they had not gotten the victorie ouer Christ because his disciples were not able to do this miracle.

20 i By this maner of speache is signified, that they shulde do things, by their faith that shulde seme impossible.

21 k The best remedie to strengthen the weake faith is prayers, which hathe fasting added to it, as an helpe to the same.

21 ! Prayer and fasting.

22 / Or, were couersant, or returned into Galile.

22 ! Christ telleth them before of his passion.

24 l The Greke worde is (didrachma) which was of value about 10 pence of olde sterling monie, & the Israelites payed it once by the Lawe, {Exo. 30, 13}, and at this time they payed it to the Romans.

27 m Or giue occasion to forsake the trueth.

27 n The worde is (Statera) which conteineth two didrachmas, & is valued about 5 grotes of olde sterling.