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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 16

1 b Men tempt God ether by their incredulitie, or curiositie.

1 a Althogh they did not agre in doctrine, yet they joyned together to fight against trueth.

3 c Which apperteine to the heauenlie and spiritual life.

4 d Christ shal be to them as a Jonas raised vp from death.

6 ! Jesus warneth his disciples of the Pharises doctrine.

8 e A token of Christs diuinitie, to knowe mens thoghts.

12 f We may boldely by Christs admonition reject and contemne all erronious doctrine and mans inuentions, and oght onely to cleaue to the worde of God.

18 h Vpon that faith whereby thou hast confessed and acknoledged men: for it is grounded vpon an infallible trueth.

18 i The power of Satan which standeth in craft and violence.

19 k The preachers of the Gospel open the gates of heauen with the worde of God, which is the right keye: so, that where this worde is not purely taught, there is nether key, nor autoritie.

19 l Condemne by Gods worde.

19 / Or, absolue.

20 m Because he wolde yet instruct them, & not preuent his time.

21 n He wolde plucke out of their hearts that false opinion, which they had of his temporal kingdome.

23 o Which worde signifieth aduersarie, who resisteth the wil of God, either of malice, as did Judas, or rashnes and arrogancie, as Peter did.

25 p That is, whosoeuer thinketh to saue him self by forsaking Jesus Christ.

25 ! To winne or lose the life.

28 q This was fulfilled in his resurrection which was as an entrie into his kingdome, and was also confirmed by sending the holie Gost, whereby he wroght so great and sondrie miracles.