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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 15

2 a Men are more rigorous to obserue their owne traditions then Gods commandement.

2 / Or, meat.

3 ! Christ excuseth his disciples, and rebuketh the Scribes, & Pharises, for transgressing Gods commandement by their owne tradicions.

5 b The Scribes dispensed with them that did not their deuties to their owne parents, so that thei wold recompense the same to their profite by their offrings.

9 c God wil not be honoured according to mans fantasie, but detesteth all good intentions, which are not grounded on his worde.

13 d All thei which are not grafted in Jesus Christ by fre adoption, and euerie doctrine, that is not established by Gods worde.

19 f All vices procede of the corrupt affection of the heart.

22 ! He deliuereth the woman of cananees daughter.

23 g The disciples were offended at her importunitie.

26 h Christ calleth them dogs, or whelps which are strangers from the house of God.

28 i Christ granted her petition, for her faiths sake, and not at the request of his disciples.

32 k Christ can not forget those that followe him.

36 ! And feedeth foure thousand men, beside women and children.