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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 6

2 a Whose workes procede not of a right faith, but are done for vaine glorie.

2 b In that thei are praised & commended of men.

3 c It is sufficient that God approue our workes.

4 d In that day when all things shal be reueiled.

7 f He commandeth vs to beware of muche babling & superfluous repetes.

8 g Who is not persudaded by eloquent speache, and long talke, as men are.

9 i We must seeke Gods glorie first, and aboue all things.

9 h Christ bindeth them not to the wordes, but to the sense and forme of prayers.

10 k Reigne thou ouer all, and let vs render vnto thee perfit obedience, as thine Angels do.

13 m This conclusion excludeth mans merites, and teacheth vs to grounde our prayers onely on God.

16 n Make their faces to seme of another sorte then they were wonte to do.

17 o Whereby is commanded to auoyde all vaine ostentation.

19 ! He forbiddeth the careful seeking of worldlie things, & willeth men to put their whole trust in him.

22 p If thine eye be disposed to liberalitie, {prouer. 21,9}

23 q If thine affection be corrupt & giuen to couetousnes, {deu. 15,9}

23 r If the concupiscence, & wicked affections ouercome reason, we must not marueil thogh men be blinded, & be like vnto beastes.

25 s Mans trauel nothing auaileth where God giueth not increase.

28 t The goodnes of God euen towards the herbes of the field, farre passeth all things that man can compasse by his power and labour.

28 u The worde signifieth, they weary not them selues.

33 y That is, to be regenerate, and amende, your liues.

34 z God wil prouide for euerie day that that shalbe necessarie, thogh we do not increase, the present griefe by the carefulnes how to liue in time to come.