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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 1

1 e These two are first rehearsed, because Christ was especially promised to come of them and their sede, and therefore Christ communely was called the sonne of Dauid, because the promes was more euidently confirmed vnto him.

1 ! The genealogie of Christ, that is, the Messiah promised to the fathers,

1 c The is the rehearsal of the progenie, whereof Jesus Christ is sprong according to the flesh.

1 d So called, for that he came of the stocke of Dauid.

3 f By incestuous adulterie, the which shame setteth forthe his great humilitie, who made him self of no reputation, but became a seruant for our sakes: yea, a worme and no man, the reproche of men, and contempt of the people. and at length suffred the assursed death of the crosse.

5 g Rahab and Ruth, being Gentiles, signifie that Christ came not onely of the Jewes, and for them but also of the Gentiles, and for their saluation.

9 h He hathe omitted thre Kings, Joas, Amasia, Azaria, abbridging the nomber to make the times fourtene generations.

12 i After the captiuitie, the title royal was appointed vnto him: so that not withstanding that they were as sclaues for the space of seuentie yeres yet by the prouidence of God the gouernement remained in the familie of Dauid, where it continuedto the coming of Christ.

16 l Who is the true King, Priest, and Prophet annointed of God to accomplish the office of the redemer.

16 k Albeit the Jewes nomber their kinred by the malekind: yet this linage of Marie is comprehended vnder the same, because she was maried to a man of her owne stocke & tribe.

18 n As the Angel afterwarde declared to Joseph.

18 ! Who was conceiued by the holy Gost, and borne of the virgine Marie, when she was betrouthed vnto Joseph.

19 o Vpright and fearing God, & therefore suspecting that she had committed fornication, before she was betrowthed, wolde nether reteine her, which by the Law shulde be maried to another nether by accusing her put her to shame for her fact.

20 p This dreame is witnessed by the holie Gost, and is a kinde of reuelation, {Nom. 12, 6}

20 q This name putteth him in remembrance of Gods promes to Dauid.

21 ! Why he is called Jesus, and wherefore Emmanuel.

23 s God is joyned with vs by the meanes of Jesus Christ, who is bothe God and man.

25 t Christ is here called the first borne, because she had neuer none before, and not in respect of any she had after. Nether yet doeth this worde (til) import alwayes a time following: wherein the contrarie may be affirmed, as our Sauiour, saying, that he wil be present with his disciples, til the end of the worlde, meaneth not that after this worlde he wil not be with them.