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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Matthew 2

1 b Wisemen, or Magi, in the Persians and Chaldeans tongue signifie Philosophers, Priests, or astronomers, & are here the first frutes of the Gnetiles that came to worship Christ.

1 a For there is another Beth-lehem in the tribe if Zebulum.

1 ! The time and place of Christs birth.

2 c An extraordinarie signe to set forth the Kings honour, whome the worlde did not esteme.

2 d Which was a declaration of that reuerence, which the Gentiles shulde beare vnto Christ.

5 e They colde wel tell of Christ in general: but when they shulde professe his name, and giue him his due honor, thei waxe colde, and shrinke backe.

9 g The starre vanished away before, toe the intent thei shulde tary at Jerusalem, and there inquire of the thing, to the confusion of the Jewes.

11 h The Persians maner was not to salute Kings without a present, and therefore they broght of that which was most precious in their contrei, whereof euery one of them offred.

11 ! The Wisemen offer their presents.

12 i Promes oght not to be kept, where Gods honour and preaching of his trueth is hindered: or els it oght not to be broken.

15 k That which was prefigured by the deliuerance of the Israelites out of Egypt, which were Christs Church and his bodie, is now verified, and accomplished in the head Christ.

16 l Within a certeine tme after.

18 m Herode renewed the sorowe which the Benjamites had suffred long before: yet for all his crueltie he colde not bring to passe, that Christ shulde not reigne.

18 n That is, they were killed & dead.

20 o Thus the faithful may se how God hathe infinite meanes to preserue them from the rage of tyrants.

23 p Which is holie and confecrated to God, alluding vnto those that were Nazarites in the olde Law, which were a figure of that holines which shulde be manifested in Christ, as was Samson, Joseph, &c.

23 ! Joseph turneth into Galile.