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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Malachi 3

1 a This is ment of John Baptist, as Christ expoundeth it, {Luk. 7,27}.

1 b Meaning Messiah, as {psal. 140,1, daniel 9,17}

1 c That is, Chrrist by whome the couenant was made and ratified, who is called the Angel or messenger of the couenant, because he reconcileth vs to his father: & is Lord, or King, because he hath the gouernement of his Church.

1 1 Of the Messenger of the Lord, John Baptist, and of Christs office.

2 d He sheweth that the hypocrites which wish so much for the Lords comming, wil not abide when he draweth nere: for he wil consume them, and purge his & make them cleane.

3 e He beginneth at the Priestes that they might be lights and shine vnto others.

6 f They murmured against God, because they sawe not his helpe euer present to defend them; & therefore he accuseth them of ingratitude, and sheweth that in that they are not daily consumed, it is a token, that he doeth stil defend them: and so his mercie toward them neuer changeth.

8 h There are none of the heathen so barbarous, that wil defraude their gods of their honour, or deale deceitfully with them.

8 i Whereby the service of God shulde haue bene mainteined, and the Priests, & the poore relieued.

10 k Not hauing respect how much ye dede, but I will giue you in all abundance; so that ye shal lacke place to put my blessings in.

11 l Meaning, the caterpiller, & whatsoeuer destroieth corne and frutes.

13 m The Prophet condemneth them of double blasphemie against God: first in that they said that God had no respect to them that served him. and next that the wicked were more in his fauour then the godlie.

15 n They are not onely preferred to honour, but also deliuered from dangers.

16 p Bothe because the thing was strange, that some turned to God in that great and vniuersal corruption, and also that this might be an example of Gods mercies to all penitent sinners.

16 o After these admonitions of the Prophet some were liuely touched, and incouraged others to feare God.

17 r That is, forgiue their sinnes, and gouerne them with my Spirit.

17 q When I shal restore my Church according to my promes, they shalbe as mine owne propre goods.